Gynecomastia is a condition of overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys. The breasts become larger. They may grow unevenly. Gynecomastia often happens when a preteen or teenage boy is going through the hormonal changes of puberty. But it can also happen to newborn babies and to men as they age.

What are the symptoms of gynecomastia ?

You may have gynecomastia in one or both breasts. It may start as a lump or fatty tissue beneath the nipple, which may be sore. The breasts often get larger unevenly. The symptoms of gynecomastia may look like other medical conditions or problems. Always see your healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

How is gynecomastia treated ?

Your healthcare provider will figure out the best treatment for you based on:

  1. How old you are
  2. Your overall health and past health
  3. How sick you are
  4. How well you handle certain medicines, treatments, or therapies
  5. How long the condition is expected to last
  6. Your opinion or preference

Most cases of gynecomastia happen during puberty. The condition usually gets better on its own without treatment. This may take from 6 months to 2 or 3 years. If a medicine is causing your breast enlargement, you may need to stop taking the medicine. That can solve the problem. If a disease is causing the condition, the disease will need to be treated. Hormone therapy may be used to treat gynecomastia. In rare cases, surgery may be used to remove the extra tissue.


Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, and even a slight alteration in its size or shape can greatly change a person's appearance. The goal of cosmetic rhinoplasty is to improve the nose aesthetically, creating harmony with the other facial features.

Rhinoplasty can also help reshape the interior of the nose so a person can breathe more easily. Rhinoplasty is the medical name for surgical procedures that some people call a "nose job," "nose reshaping" or "nasal surgery." It involves the surgical reconstruction and shaping of the bone and cartilage to enhance the appearance or function of the nose.

Why you need Rhinoplasty surgery ?

People desire rhinoplasty surgery for different reasons. Some have trouble breathing through the nose. Others have had traumatic injury to the face and wish to correct the resulting asymmetry. Many rhinoplasty patients simply want to improve their appearance by altering the size or shape of the nose to make it more harmonious with their features.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Shashi Kapur has earned the reputation of being one of the most renowned surgeons for Nose Reshaping in Bihar. This is because of his meticulous approach and care in selection of the best suited techniques. Before the surgery, the type and extent of the rhinoplasty is decided. This also ensures the most affordable rhinoplasty cost in Bihar:

  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty: The method is non-invasive and uses injectable fillers- collagen and hyaluronic acid. The results of this procedure are not permanent and usually last around 1 year.
  • Closed rhinoplasty: This is known as ‘scarless rhinoplasty’, as all the incisions are under the skin. It is a complex procedure but offers quicker healing time.
  • Open rhinoplasty: This method provides the maximum accuracy in repositioning and reconstruction, allowing for the best aesthetics and functional results. The small scar also fades over time.

Dr. Shashi Kapur is reputed to be the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Bihar, and is also an expert in performing Secondary rhinoplasty surgery in Bihar, which involves a revision surgery, to correct a previously done (primary) rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a small procedure, but its effects on a person’s looks and confidence are transformative. To ensure best results, trust the expertise of Dr. Shashi Kapur as the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India.


Botox & Filler Treatment

Want to look younger, but scared of surgery ? Botox is here to the rescue. Hailed as a miracle, a panacea and even an elixir, Botox helps to keep the signs of ageing away and lets you look as young as you feel.

Botox is the trade name of Botulinum toxin. It has a number of medical and cosmetic uses. It is used as an injection to remove wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. It also helps people who sweat too much in reducing perspiration.

Botox treatment in India is safe and non-invasive, and under the expert guidance of Dr. Shashi Kapur, it can enhance your beauty and take the years off effortlessly. The number of injections needed depends on the skin type and is determined by Dr. Shashi Kapur at the time of consultation. The effects are visible within a day or two, and clients often feel as if their wrinkles just got ironed out into smooth perfection.

Dr. Shashi Kapur also uses Botox treatment in Bihar to help patients suffering from muscle spasms and migraine. The non-surgical, safe and fast nature of this treatment makes it the ideal choice for those apprehensive of surgery and prolonged recovery times.


Thermage Treatment

When the signs of age start catching up with your body, and the face in the mirror doesn’t reflect your personality any more, then it is time to do something about it. Facelifts are expensive, invasive and complex. Moreover, they require a strict healing period. If you’re not comfortable going under the knife, or cannot spare the required downtime, that doesn’t mean you cannot look and feel good, too.

The revolutionary Thermage treatment in India is being performed by expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Dr. Shashi Kapur. Thermage treatment offers a non-surgical facelift procedure, which eliminates the signs of ageing, without any surgery.


Thermage involves the use of radio frequency energy to heat up the deep layers of the skin. A cooling spray is applied on the face, and then the Thermocool wand is used to transfer the heat to the collagen under the skin. The heat causes the skin to tighten and become firm. Depending on the area to be covered, the entire process only takes from 15 minutes to an hour. It is an outpatient procedure and the client is free to resume regular activities. In some cases, mild redness, like a sunburn, is noticed. This usually fades away soon. The results of this treatment usually last for 2 years or more.

Thermage treatment in India is the best alternative to a facelift, offering an inexpensive, non-invasive and painless way to look and feel younger.


Breast Augmentation

Breasts are beautiful symbols of femininity. Breast Augmentation improves not only the size of your breasts but also makes your personality more beautiful & attractive. This procedure is required in cases of underdeveloped breasts, breast volume reduction following pregnancy or weight loss, to correct the difference in cup size, or as a reconstructive technique following breast surgery. Dr. Shashi Kapur is one of the pioneers in India for breast augmentation by fat grafting & sub fascial technique of augmentation mammoplasty.

Breast Augmentation Surgery by Implant, how doest it work ?

The breast augmentation surgery in Bihar is performed by putting silicone breast implants underneath the breast tissues to increase their size. The implants vary in size and shape for which your surgeon will be the best person to consult with. The implants are said to last for a decade but often they last quite longer without any issues. Breast implant surgery cost in Bihar is minimized in this way. The implants do not affect breast-feeding although they do interfere with mammography unless you’ve already informed your testing doctors.

Recovery and post-procedure care

The process takes between two and four hours. The patient can leave the surgeon clinic instantly and devote a weekend resting before recommencing the work or other activities. For better-quality and timely recovery, gauze is placed on the inoculated breasts.
If you are looking to get a Breast Surgery, Breast Implant, Breast Enlargement Surgery, Breast augmentation in Bihar India. You may visit us for a consultation on procedures by our expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Shashi Kapur. A successful breast surgery can change your life.


Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation makes your lips look fuller. The procedure can be done in one of two ways: by adding materials to the lips through fat grafts or the use of hyaluronic acid injectable dermal fillers, or by advancing lip tissue. Advancing lip tissue involves moving tissue from your inner lips outward to create an appearance of fullness. This is a popular procedure and involves minimal recovery time.

Types Of Lip Augmentation

Synthetic implant. Dermal fillers enhance and enlarge lips. A popular one is hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in your body. This works well because an allergic reaction is highly unlikely and the amount injected can be controlled. Results last up to six months and the filler breaks down naturally within the body. Other synthetics used include AlloDerm and GORE-TEX, but there's a chance the body may reject these.

Fat or dermis graft. This means taking your own fat tissue from one part of the body through liposuction and using it to plump up your lips. It works well because there's no chance of an allergic reaction. The only downside here is that it takes a little longer, having to go through the liposuction procedure.

Why have Lip Augmentatin ?
Choosing to have lip augmentation is a personal thing. Here are some main reasons people have lip augmentation:
  1. Lips are extremely thin and disappear when you smile
  2. Lips have become thinner over time as you've aged
  3. The thinness and shape of your lips make you uncomfortable
  4. Fuller lips fit better with your facial structure
  5. Having lip augmentation will help to improve your confidence


Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in India are very popular these days. Celebrities as well as common man facing problem of hair fall & the best solution for this problem is hair transplant surgery. There are many causes of scalp hair loss, and they do differ in men and women. Human hair naturally grows in three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen is the active or growing phase. Catagen is a fairly short phase of the natural hair cycle during which hairs begin to break down. Telogen is the resting phase. The hairs that are shed daily are often in the resting or late phase in the hair cycle. Normally, about 10% of the scalp hairs are in the resting or telogen phase at any time. These hairs are not growing and are getting prepared for cyclic shedding.

The best hair transplant in India is performed in a various range of techniques, customized based on what the patient requires for the surgery, such as:

  1. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy
  2. FUE Hair Tansplant
  3. FUT Hair Transplant


Face Lift

You can’t turn back time- but now, your face can !

You don’t have to avert your eyes anymore when you catch your reflection in a mirror. Whether it is age, stress or pollution, everything takes its toll on the body. But you can defeat these and reclaim your youth and beauty. No more sagging skin or wrinkles, with a face lift, performed by the expert face lift surgeon in Bihar – Dr. Shashi Kapur. Under the guidance of Dr. Kapur, you can look decades younger with just one procedure. With advancements in technology, the surgical procedures used by our leading face plastic surgeon in Bihar are minimally invasive with long lasting effects.

Face lift- Procedure

A face lift involves complete rejuvenation of the face by tightening of the skin and muscles of the face, skin and neck. Endoscopic instruments are used to make minimal, hidden incisions. A laser can also be used. The procedure can be combined with liposuction, forehead-lift, etc. Dressings are removed the next day and with a few, simple precautions, you are ready to enjoy your youth again.

If you are looking for a skilled and experienced face lift surgeon in India, contact Dr. Shashi Kapur to regain your confidence and to feel invigorated.


Tummy Tuck

Whether in formal clothes or swimming suits, there is no denying that a flat tummy equals self-confidence. People try different tricks to hide a flabby belly, but this stubborn fat always peeks through. But don’t despair, there is a permanent solution. A tummy tuck can help you get a flat, firm and contoured belly. To get a tummy tuck surgery in Delhi, look no further than the experienced and skillful Dr. Shashi Kapur, the foremost tummy tuck surgeon in India.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is recommended for people having loose and flabby abdominal skin, fat accumulated in the abdomen region, weak or disjointed muscles and stretch marks. Muscle and tissue damage after pregnancy can also be rectified with this procedure. A small incision is made in or above the pubic area. Loose skin is removed and stretch marks are flattened out. Abdominoplasty transforms a loose, flabby abdomen into a firm, flat and well-contoured belly.


No exposure of the incision site and scar to sunlight for 12 months. Meticulous care of incision site is needed to prevent infections.

Ideal Candidates

Persons with accumulated fat in the abdomen, loose skin, protruding belly, surplus skin from excessive fat loss, or stretch marks can benefit from this procedure. Women with post-pregnancy weakening or separation of abdominal muscles can achieve repair and cosmetic effects together.


Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty (BLEF-uh-roe-plas-tee) is a type of surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids. With age, eyelids stretch, and the muscles supporting them weaken. As a result, excess skin and fat can gather above and below your eyelids. This can cause sagging eyebrows, droopy upper lids and bags under the eyes

Besides aging, severely sagging skin around the eyes can reduce side vision (peripheral vision), especially the upper and outer parts of the visual field. Blepharoplasty can reduce or get rid of these vision problems. The surgery can also make eyes look younger and more alert.

Why it's done ?
Blepharoplasty might be an option for:
  1. Baggy or droopy upper eyelids
  2. Excess skin of the upper eyelids that partially blocks peripheral vision
  3. Excess skin on the lower eyelids
  4. Bags under the eyes


Cosmetic Genital Sugery

Tubal recanalization or family planning reversal operation - is the process of reversal of family planning operation when any family want a baby after some misfortune has happened.

This operation is for both male and female whoever has got family planning operation done


Family Planning Reversal Sugery

In a tubal ligation, also known as “having your tubes tied,” your fallopian tubes are cut or blocked. Fertilization happens in the fallopian tube, so a tubal ligation prevents pregnancy by keeping the sperm and egg from meeting.

Some women who have had a tubal ligation might choose to have it reversed. A tubal ligation reversal reconnects the blocked or cut segments of the fallopian tube. This allows a woman who had previously had her tubes tied to become pregnant naturally. This procedure is also known as a tubal reanastomosis, tubal reversal, or tubal sterilization reversal.


Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery is usually done at the same time as lumpectomy to fill up the defect and preserve and restore the natural appearance of the breast.

In my practice, oncoplastic surgery is offered to all women who have breast conserving surgery so they can have better cosmesis and have good quality of life.

Oncoplastic surgery also refers to surgery on the noncancerous (contralateral) breast. It is done to obtain symmetry and can also be done at the same time as the lumpectomy.

We know from experience that even small lumpectomies can result in significant deformity and pain. Often the immediate cosmetic outcome after a lumpectomy and radiation is good but over time, due to ongoing radiation changes and scarring, the breast can shrink, dimple and pucker.